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imbalanced battery error VT133

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So last night randomly, my battery meter went down to 0 but the device was working perfectly. I charged my batteries (lg HE2's) using a Nitecore charger up to full. I put the batteries in the VT133 and i keep getting the error of Imbalanced Battery. I have taken a couple of screen shots from Escribe. Currently my mod shows 0 battery % but is still operational.

Any help would be much appreciated



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you have your watt hours at 9.25. two lg he2's at 7.4v, 2500mah would be 18.5 watt hours (calculated not actual) not 9.25. dunno if that will help, but worth a try. also try a hard and soft reboot with and without batteries in. also if you know you batteries are fully charged, in device monitor under diagnostics there is "set charge estimate" you can type in 18.5 to reset the charge back to full, 100%. just make sure you correct the watt hours in the "mod" tab first, then upload settings to the vt133, then reset the est.

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