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problems with my triade ...


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I recently received a tirade DNA 200 and I've had a few problems wit the chip I believe. When I set the wattage at the desired number, the device will fire while active ... when I set it down and let the device it barely hits a quarter of that wattage and doesn't fire correctly. I've tried multiple sets of batteries and RDAs and the same thing happens, so I plug it back in and update my settings again and it works fine again. It is currently on the newest firmware and the batteries are set to the right watt hours. Its just very frustrating. 

Any ideas?

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I would guess that your build is just a bit too low and you are hitting one of the output limits after you put the mod down, it cools completely, and the resistance of the coil drops. Once its warm and you reset the mod it re-reads it as a higher resistance.

Check the DNA200 spec sheet below (Pg. 4) for the "DNA 200 Kanthal Power" graph. Based on what Device Monitor is saying the resistance of your coil is it looks like it would drop you down to the wattage you are seeing.


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