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How to charge the vaporshark DNA200 for the first time ?


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I have ordered Vaporshark DNA200 from their website. i got the mod three weeks later but i cant charge it by using normal wall chargers(1a and 2a). However, my friend suggest me to use the Evolv program at "Device Monitor > Diagnostics > Advanced > Perform USB recovery charging" but now the input is just 0.01 or 0.02 a . It didnt solve my problem and i still cant use it. Anyone please help. 

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Because of cell #2 being so low I just can't recommend a usb recovery charge, you might try it at your own risk. To do a usb recovery charge you must first sign in to Evolv under the "internet" tab in EScribe, then you know the rest. It's a long process (slow), keep an eye on it, check if it getting hot, swollen ,ect.
Surely the battery has damage even if you get it to work.
I would be trying to return it to the seller but I know that's not always possible.

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