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Possible board cooling methods?

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VapingModeration said:

So, I finally finished building my desktop DNA200 mod.
When doing 200w testing though, the board heats up quite fast.
Board is in an alpine A+ enclosure. PSU is 12V stable.
a look:

Does anyone have recommendations for cooling this board? 

i wouldn't worry too much about the heat it does have a cutoff for protection. i have seen some people using heat sinks on top of each inductor. i'll post pics when i find them.
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VapingModeration said:

Oh the inductors? I thought the fets would be the heaters. Wasn't sure if someone like alpine or another diy shop might have made something.

I know heat & longevity are linked in electronics and my PSU doesn't even get a little warm. So cooling the board was my next priority.

Thanks for the reply.

the mosfets do generate heat but so do the inductors as well (from building up and releasing their energy). but since the all the mosfets have exposed thermal pads underneath them that are soldered directly to the pcb the heat is transferred throughout the entire pcb via the copper in it. sinking the inductors would be the most viable option, but once again not needed. not unless you're consistently running the board at 200w.  here's one modders idea..........

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