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1800 MAh 11.1V 35c lion power escribes setting


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Hello to everyone ,

I want to say first , sorry for my English , is not my maternal language :( ..

just to ask ,(after many search I don't find the solution yet) I try to find the right setup in
Escribes about the battery , in below my screenshot of my escribes actually , on Escribes ,
is fully charged , but on my box is 3/4 plain, when I launch the monitor system for check the analyser battery , is write 15.43

(Nvm now I launch again the monitor system is write 19.967 W/h .. lol ) bug ?

in your opinion this is the right setup in below for my battery  ?

1800*11.1/1000 = 19.98 Wh/h


Thx a lot for your help

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