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USB port Replacement

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I own the Hcigar vt200 and it stopped charging and will only pull 0.2 Amps from any charging source. I have tried multiple chargers , cables ..etc

Could someone please point me to a replacement usb port, I have searched all over and I want to make sure to get the right one. 

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With Escribe, have you changed something in the section: Device Monitor -> Charging Option -> Set USB Current Limit?
If yes, yon can run the: Device Monitor -> Charging Option -> Reset USB Current Limit.

Good luck

PS: Obviously, you've ensured the three cells are in perfect condition

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I have set my USB current before without problems. But yesterday I turned off USB charging while EScribe was running on one of my tablets. Apparently I didn't reset it as later on in the day I connected one of my DNAs to my laptop and charging was still off. So the firmware apparently remembers where you left it. Just something for everybody to remember. :)

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  • 3 months later...
It broke my usb port 
0.4 amps did not charge higher
USB port is changed  fixed

product code
Molex 105133-0011
I hope that helps


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