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Concerning Issue regarding DNA200


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I ve just bought my triade dna 200 and from the first time i inserted a fresh new mxjo 35A batteries warranty service code poped out, this dna200 chipset was had a alot of same problem since 2015 ( as i read the reviews) and mine was manufactured on 2016! So i think it is a strange thing as evolv saw all these complaints and still with the same problem!!! Especially that we bought these devices at a very high cost and most of the retail stores are unwilling to do any thing. Also i dont have the knowledge to separate the board and send it to you!!! What is the solution now???


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Maybe you accidentally pressed fire before all 3 were fitted, I did that once on my Rolo and got the warranty message.  I have only seen a handful, maybe a dozen of the over 10,000 registered members here so don't think it is common.  Also with Device Monitor check that the cells are sagging evenly when you fire it, it could be one battery not making as good contact.

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