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Can I fit a different LiPo battery?


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I have a Vaporshark DNA200 device with a 3s LiPo 900 mah battery.

Device works fine. Only drawback is battery life. I am dripping more and more now and have pretty high power settings, so I am lucky to get 4 to 5 hoiurs use from a fully charged battery. 

So I was just wondering. I am pretty sure there are other battery options in a hobby store which are within spec but can just hold that bit extra mah.

Have others gone to a hobby store and swapped out the LiPo battery in their device?

If so, what mah battery have you been able to fit in the compartment? 

I'm hoping there is a 1500 mah LiPo I can get into the device but that might be over ambitious. 

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I own a VS200 too and it is a great device, but... The battery requires constant recharging if you ask for much watts.
My solution was getting an Efusion duo (133W - 2 18650) and a Therion (75W - 2 18650)

VS recharges fast with a 2A charger , is small and light, but if you need more "juice", you'd be better with an equipment that you can change battery fast.
VaporShark has a DNA133, so that may be a good option also. If you want/need more than 133W, you must go to a 3 18650 device , to get full 200W

Answering more directly to your question, for now i do not know any lipo with more than 900-950mah that you can fit in there without major modifications.

Beware: Collecting DNA devices is highly addictive, as many users in this forum may testify. :D

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Yes I already have a Vaporflask DNA 133, but my favorite is definitely the Vaporshark DNA 200. I love the form factor.

Not that I don't like my Flask because I love that too. 

Was thinking about getting a Vaporshark DNA 133. But its starting to get ridiculous. 

I do prefer the LiPo batteries though because there is no battery sag. 

I reckon it is only a matter of time before these liPo come with better capacity in a smaller package. 

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