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efusion duo just died mid vape please help.


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Hi i just got the fusion duo dna200 2 days ago.  It just died mid vape with what was showing as 50% battery life.

It was the second charge its had since new.  I was using it in SS316L mode with 100w 2s preheat and the 45w normal vape.  Ive removed my Mage RTA from it and plugged it in to escribe and it has switched back on what do i do now?

Too add : IT gives a check atomizer error on three of my attys:  MAGE, Triton mini & TFv4 Micro.  Ive checked them all on my other mods and they work fine.  There was no leaking and no moisture build up I could see.

update too:  its dead when not connected to usb.  even tho the battery was showing 59% charge in describe.

Any ideas?

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