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DNA250 wiring


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Is it safe to assume that the recommended wire gauges for installing the DNA200 are the same for the 250 or should we be using the next step up from the recommended sizes on the 200 data sheet? Ex. 16 gauge silicone for battery and 12 gauge for output for 250 vs 18 and 14 respectively for the 200. I would rather be on the safe side but with everyone trying to pack the biggest baddest chips in the smallest boxes they can and that are available even a few mm can make the difference between using one enclosure over another.

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welcome to the forum Tread. if i were building a dna 250, i would use the recommended wire size for the output (14 awg silicone) that the 200 calls for and the maximum for the battery (16 awg silicone). 12 awg silicone can be difficult to work with when cut to short lengths and maneuvering in tight spaces but doable. 14 awg should work just fine with the 250. VS used 16 awg for the output on their dna 200, no problems there. you going to be running at a flat out wide open 250w a lot? most people, including myself, will just take advantage of the extra 50 watts available for preheat which won't last for more than a second when used. that's the main reason i'm not going to run very thick wire.

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