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Case Analyzer in Therion


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Last night i decided to run Case Analyzer on my Therion, and after doing it, the numbers were different, but to be honest i am not 100% sure of what the differences will be "in the real life"
In the beginning of the test escribe asked me what was the ambient temperature and i did put the temperature that my phone sensor (samsung S5) had. The phone was not being used for a while, so i believe that temperature was quite accurate.

After more or less 4 hours test was finished and i applied the new values.
Now i see that room temperature while using the therion is about 10F more than my phone says (In Device Monitor). 

Is there any problem? And what is the advantages of having that test done on all the DNA's?

I noted that escribe did charged the therion at 0.40A Is that the standart charge for the test?

Later i will let here both the old numbers and new numbers for the experts to analise it :)

Ready to learn more DNA stuff, cause you never know enough :D

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case analyzer results will very slightly from test to test. the main variables that change the values are - the room temperature at the time of the test, if there was any air moving across the device while the test was in progress, how the device was positioned (if any vent holes where blocked. the amount of open space around the mod so it can dissipate the case heat). these variables will affect the end results. as for the room temp reading 10F higher in device monitor, it'll never be dead on. it has no sensor to measure room temp, just board temp and makes calculations (based off the case analyzer results) to approximate room temp. i'd say your fine with whatever results you choose to use, your's or lost vape's are better than the stock evolv default case thermal settings.

as for the 400ma charging during the test, yes that's normal and works as intended with the dna 75's charging IC.

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