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Thank beginningI have some questions :

1. How to tell two updated through the device ?
2. Is it possible to know the power voltage ? and how's that ?
3. preferred battery of the device ?
Is it possible to upgrade the machine for more than 75 watts ?

Knowing that it is two : DN75
And you Thanks again
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I'll give these a try -

1.  To find the version use eScribe software on a PC with the device connected to the PC, of course.
2.  To find the voltage, current and every statistic you could ever want from a mod use Device Monitor which is a feature of eScribe software.  Realtime graphing of all parameters.  Inside eScribe you can customize the device to display power, voltage, current and so on.
3.  I stick to good, name brand, batteries that are capable of at least 25 amp continuous output.  In reality, a 10 amp battery can work IF you don't push the mod over 30 watts or so.  Personally, I use LG HD2 batteries in my DNA75s and get reasonable time between charges from them.
4.  The chipset is limited and can't go beyond 75 watts.  I really don't believe a mod that is initially designed to max at a specific power can be modified through firmware to produce more power than the components on the board, doing the work, are capable of producing.

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