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Not able to load new materials from .csv


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  I am new to the escribe software but I have done my  best to  read and search topics so I can learn without having to post a repeat question..

   currently I am running the latest escribe software w/sp3 
My problem is that each time I try to add a new materials I can't.. Its difficult enough because steam engine doesn't work with IE to save the values to a .csv  Although even when I tried to use the preheat kanthel one from another post here it says it has failed to upload.. I tried using that file as a template to make other ones from raw data that steam engine gives me for a wire material but escribe says it must contain two separate rows/columns  (which it does ?) please look at the files I have created and try to guide me if possible.. I do believe my escribe will load a material if its a .ecigprofile (but that's not helpful to me unless I want re-load a previously saved material)..

here are the files just for the hell of it...



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I just looked at the first file you attached. It needs to be comma-delimited. One fairly easy way to do it with steam-engine.org is to go to the Wire Wizard tab, choose your material, then go to the Temperature Control Results box at the top and click on the DNA 200 tab. Then select everything in the box with your mouse and copy it to your clipboard. Then open up Notepad in Windows and paste it into there. Then save that file with a filename of your choice and be sure to give it a .csv filename extension. Then you can import that file into eScribe.

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