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DNA 200 not charging


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I bought my second Panzer Box DNA200 from Gearbest with serial VBNGZARWGKVZ of the DNA board.

With this second one i have a problem with the board. It doesn`t charging.

My first Panzer box came with original Lipo but this second one has a Fullymax 1500mah 3S 20C Lipo.

When it arrived, the battery was drained, i tried to charge but nothing. I changed with another Lipo and it doesn`t charge. After that i charged that Lipo on a Lipo charger and is OK now. All my Lipo batteries are OK now.

I connected on Escribe and on my laptop USB it shows 0.95A charging but the voltage it is the same. I changed a lot of USB cable, i tried USB recovery charge .... Still the same.... The 3 battery voltage has not increased.

I can charge my Lipo batteries only with other DNA board or Lipo chargers.

I`m attaching you some photos with the board, Lipo and Escribe device monitor where it shows that is charging 0.95A from a laptop USB (where it should be max 0.5A)

Please help me.
Thank you. 

panzer_box_defect_9.95v_dupa_trecere_la_escribe.png  IMG_6584.jpg  2016-07-14_23.36.48.jpg  2016-07-14_23.36.20.jpg  2016-07-14_23.35.59.jpg  2016-07-14_23.35.43.jpg  2016-07-14_21.27.43_HDR.jpg 

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can you charge the lipo up with your lipo charger (make sure all 3 cells are fully charged and BALANCED), then take that fully charged lipo, reconnect it to your panzer mod and go into escribe - mod tab- input 16.65 for the watt hour (capacity). make sure it is set to 3 cell/lithium polymer with a cell soft cutoff of no less than 3 volts.....upload to your panzer. vape the mod for while then reconnect to escribe/device monitor and take another screenshot of the mod charging (or not charging). check all boxes under the battery section of DM for the screenshot. 

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