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Battery analyzer use and, loop "configurations" (resistance/ohms) for a hcigar vt75


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Hi folks,

want to run the, battery-analyzer, cause battery-life (18650) could be better.

Using mainly, Samsung 30Q,s also Sony VTC5A, I know the story about that 20A or 25A batts do preform better in a DNA75.

But as I am vaping at max 42 watts with a 0.4 /0.45 ohm build the, Samsungs 30Q,s should be fine.

I know where to find the, battery-analyzer and how to use it the thing is, what kind of a loop, according to the resistance/ohms should I make to run it properly, I want to use, 24 Gauge ss-316 for this.

Last, got some JOY INR 26650 3.7V 4200mAh coming in, how to use the, battery-analyzer for these, thanks !

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Well the battery analyzer isn't going to make your battery life any better. But it will make your meter more accurate. In terms of the resistor for the test, anything that will dissipate the load without overheating is fine, but I do believe if you're going to use loops of resistance wire, it would be best to use non-TC wire. John posted somewhere a while back that you want a constant resistance for the test. I use 4 large-ish loops of kanthal in parallel around .3 ohms or so in total. Arrange the loops so there is plenty of free space for the heat to dissipate into the surrounding air. A desktop fan wouldn't hurt because it will heat up a bit.

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thanks for your reply ! 

I did not know about not using "TC"-wire, so I did use ss316L, 24 gauge made 2 loops out of it, reading 0.7ohm by 40watts = 5.29 volts cause of the 6.2volt of the DNA75 board, it worked out fine I suppose.

Cause what I notice is, it did improve my, battery (Samsung 30Q) life, before the reading/meter was not accurate, and as for now, when a battery is "empty" after a full charge the charger manage now to puts 2300 to max 2400mAh in them, before it use to be max 1900mAh.

I also do notice, a different in endurance as I don,t have to chance them that often anymore, overal I pleased with the use and the results of using the, battery analyzer.

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