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Fading In / Out of colours on DNA75 Fire button

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Does anyone know how to acheive the fading effect on the DNA75 fire button? I have a Therion BF that fades Red on and off whilst charging and would like to use this effect on other devices I own. I cant seem to figure out how to do it - I've managed to get an occasional random fade on but never of the right colour - I've only managed to achieve that twice in white to black - and even that was by chance...

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Ah, Ok - I figured it out by accident when I changed my monitor settings a moment ago.
There are two halves to the colour box, so use the plus sign to create a box for a new LED event then click in the box to set the base colour - so for fade in you start with black so when the colour swatch panel comes up select black then ok it to fill the box black, then click in the right hand half of the black box and select the colour you want to fade in to - lets say yellow, then Ok it. You should now see the box filled with a graduated black to yellow.
To fade out you do the same as above but switch the colours around so start yellow then pick black - this should give you a box graduated yellow to black. The full fade in / out sequence require two boxes - one from black to yellow and one from yellow to black. The final step is to click the little arrow on the first box, this will make it yellow and set the device to keep looping the led back to that point after completing the sequence of boxes - So in theory you could do a complicated sequence and have it infinitely repeat or do thre or four colours ending with the device looping around the last two boxes - or wherever you place that yellow arrow...

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