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Therion 75W self discharge


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Hello everyone.

Sorry for my English but not is my native language.

So i have a issue with Therion. He is self discharge batteries. I put batteries in him and drop him on the table. No firing. Nothing. Only stand in idle. No atomizer. But when i press button hi awake up from sleep a see battery drop. For example for 98% to 80% and far. One time a put on him new charged batteries on 98% on morning. No firening, nothing. Only batteries inserted. In next day morning has batteries 44% !

So what is problem ? Some configuring issue ? I try to hard/soft reset but escribe say error.
Board damaged ?
Sure it new from shop. Not second hand.
Firmware update i try. Notthing changed.

So any ideas ?
Reclamation ? But how ? I buy him from china so reclamation is little complicated.
For any help many thanks

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fwa said:

Hi Luri,

First question single battery (bf version) or Therion dual ? If Therion dual, you must use paired batteries (having same age and use).
Have you try with another battery or others battery ?

Therion dual battery.
Batteries is OK. Not problem in batteries. I using this batteries in others mods with no problem. Of course i have a lot of batteries. Same issue with every. I now exactly problem is in Therion. I have chance to try another Therion and no problem with him.

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