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DNA 200 Chip Finally Vapes Wattage Coils of Kanthal and Clapton Perfectly Now.


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Hi. I have found that dual/triple 18650 powered VW Box Mods like the RX200S or the Koopor Primus (just the two I'm in love with this season) flawlessly handle an Aspire Cleito/Cleito 120 and my newer model TFV4 with no leaking issues ever btw. Though now...I'm dusting off my Hcigar VT200 mod I bought for $170 or so in black and silver stripe color scheme. It's compact, solid, but delicate at the same time. I use the slow USB port in the back of my Windows Desktop to ensure no problems arise although it takes a long time to charge. The easy way out of that headache is to charge the mod between uses, like at 70 percent battery remaining, begin charge again just for the hell of it. It might not be the best for the battery in the long run, but I'm gonna buy a DNA 250 as soon as I see one I like without any required 18650s. The 3-s Lithium Polymer powered mod is rated by the company as 1300mAH but most people say it's a few hundred mAH less in reality. However, the exact mAH rating isn't important since it's one long lasting beast. I am all about the Cleito 120 Clapton coils at about 100W and the TF-T8 "beast" Clapton coils just released for the TFV4 which I hit well over 120W always about 130 or so. I have had negative opinions in the past about certain features the mods lacked but WATTS in the material menu is genius and doesn't burn or overwork the coils like using random graphs and LSVs I don't even know that they meant but now I just press Wattage. I know the rest of the software's functions and they're essential to preventing burning and creating a nice vaping experience. Thanks Evolvapor for finally catering to us VW mode only folks.

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