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VT200 wont fire..!!


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My device is almost a year old and recently cant hold a charge for long. I was about to get a replacement battery but something happened yesterday night. After re-wicking my Mage RTA, put some juice in it and fired it up...that's when it happened. Screen went blank. For a moment, I thought it was a blown fuse but the screen came back on a minute later. And from then on, the mod would just restart whenever I fire. Screen would go blank and come back right on. Could it be just a bad battery? Cause I checked the fuse and it was still good. All the settings are gone too.

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VapingBad said:

I am no expert, but I would expect to see one or more cell at a low voltage and one or mores voltage sag excessively when you press fire, but if it's bloated I would just replace it anyway.

Yeah...i'm still getting it replaced no matter. My only worry is if it still wont work with a new batt. I come from a place where evrything is almost impossible to get. But thanx for your input anyway.
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