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Setting up Triade 18650s

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Hello, hoping to get a better  understanding on how to setup my batteries in my mods.

I have used a lavabox with both the 900 and 1300mah batteries for a few months now with no issues. I just purchased a triade as I wanted to see how the long run times I've heard about really can go. With the Triade I also purchased a set of Sony VTC5A fresh from Illumn.

Most everything I have read and searched about this has always generically stated "enter 3.7" for voltage in the battery calc. The vendor's website says the battery is 3.6v. They also state the battery's mah is 2600 nom and 2500 typical. Which of these values should I be entering? I was also unable to find a cutoff for this cell beyond the 3v standard. (isn't 3v really high cutoff for an 18650?)
I would also like to note, that my battery % in the device monitor screen is showing "error"

I don't want to mess up my batteries or my stats, so I'd like to set this up properly right away. I don't know why but moving from my lipo to the 18650s has mooshed my brain and feels like I'm making it harder than it needs to be, but would rather play safe than sorry.

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Here's the figures that I would use if it were mine:
23.50 watt hours
2.90 cell soft cutoff
The figure to put into the calculator would be pack voltage which would normally be 11.1 volts for 3 18650s, perhaps 10.8 volts for 3 of those VTC5a's.
I subtract roughly 12% from the Mah when using 18650's instead of lipo pack

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