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slow performance when firing


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Please excuse my bad Enlisch!
I have my first DNA 75 Mod (S-Body Legend).
I have brand new 26650 batteries High drain 35A.
Setting: Power Mode (Watts) 50W at 0,29Ohm. It does a few moves beautifully. Then very little steam or power when firing. The battery icon flashes when any fires. If I change the Atomizer again it's back ?! Incidentally, regardless of evaporator or how much Ohm.
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Was having this issue as well on my Legend. front panel at +-button near the micro usb heats up and screen shows Battery Weak. and then the device shutdown itself when the battery power was around 51% left.

update your firmware to 2016-06-05 through escribe. there should be a notification asking you to upgrade it, or you can update it by using Tools->Update Firmware.

everything settled, problem solved.


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