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Rx dna200 battery reading issues

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welcome to forum Bloppyboy. you need to set the capacity of your batteries into escribe. there is a watt hour calculator you can use to get the calculated capacity of your batts. go into escribe, under the "Mod" tab you'll see these fields...(my screenshot is set up for 2S (just an example) in your situation it would need to be set to "3 cell" for your reuleaux) 

let's say you're using 3 18650's at 3000mah a piece (3000mah*11.1v/1000=33.3wh's). your watt hours would be 33.3, you would input that value for the "capacity" this should make your battery meter more accurate. the most accurate way is to run "battery analyzer" to acquire the actual usable capacity but using the calculated value is fine.

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