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Therion DNA 133 won't turn on or connect to escribe


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I recently pull my batteries out of my Therion DNA 133 to check for the wrappings, then I charge it overnight using external charger only to find that my device won't turn on or even connect to escribe after I put the batteries back in.
I even bought 2 pairs of new batteries with different brand just to check if my old ones are faulty, but still, no luck.
Has anyone ever encounter / solve this problem, if so, would you mind letting me know?

PS : Pardon my english since it's not my mother tongue.

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welcome the forum jeprut. sorry to hear about your therion. you sure you're getting battery voltage to the board? got a digital multi meter? check the main battery inputs to the board as well as each individual tap connection (cell 1 and cell 2 ). can you contact the vendor you purchased the mod from and return it for another? i would do that before getting too deep into the device. if it doesn't even connect to Escribe, it sounds like the board was damaged somehow (shipping and or rough handling?)

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