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Battery Discharge Profiles


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Hey I was wondering my VT133 came with no manu settings set. I had trouble from the get go with the battery bar it showed empty at 3.69v. I got the discharge profile from the /German site for the HG2 which made a big diff but it still shows empty at about 3.45v the most accurate one I have is my Lavabox 75 when that bar shows empty it is right at 3.3v perfect for me. If I saved that profile and used it on my VT133 do you think it would work? Or would it be different because it is a 75. That is the only thing that was set on my Lavabox so I got the rest of the settings from Volcano and put them in for that one. I also used Steves settings and really they were slightly different but I didn't see much of a change between the 2.

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