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Resistance Calibration

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I received my first DNA 133/200 yesterday, a Starrss Player with a 1100mah lipo.  I’ve had many DNA 40s but this is my first go with escribe.  I'm having an issue trying to do a resistance calibration using the brass adapter from Smoke Free Mods. The resistance came preset at .006, I reset to 0 then loaded the new settings and opened the calibration screen.

It doesn’t seem to detect the brass adapter, the question mark stays on the screen no matter how I try to screw it on.  I’ve cleaned the connector, loosened it, tightened it, wiggled my nose and nothing except once it read but as soon as I removed my fingers went back to the question mark again. For kicks I tried 4 different atomizers with SS coils and it read them all but doesn’t want to read the brass adapter, any suggestions?

I set the resistance back to the factory preset of .006 for the time being and it seems to be ok so I'm not sure if it really needs it but I'd like to at least compare and figure out why I'm not able to get a reading with the sfm adapter.

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Well you probably did the right thing by putting it backto the original setting. Being that it wasn't zero means they checked it at least on one. I'm going to have to call it a software flaw of sorts. I believe it came about with SP2. You could revert it back to a 2015 or January 2016 firmware to set it for your self but if there's not a problem I wouldn't bother. Most mods fall into the 0.004 - 0.006 ohm area.

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Thanks, I'll leave it as is, at least till the next update then maybe give it another shot.

I've also had the battery percentage go from almost full to empty twice so far which I've read some others reported with SP2. Was a pain to have to recharge twice for no reason but it hasn't happened since I ran battery analyzer. If it gets to be more of an issue I'll try reverting back to a previous release.

Thanks Much

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