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usb showing current, but will not charge


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bit of an odd one here ,i know this is an old chip DNA 200 40k+ puffs 
but this week it has stopped charging. 

on the device monitor it shows .5 amp (computer) but what ever level the batttery is initially it balances the cells and then stays at that level. 

here are 10minutes of the device monitor, and you can see after the puff it balances to 3.86 screen.png  per cell then stays at that level. i can come back in an hour and it will be the same.
it is a 2200 mah 3s lipo, and the lipo charges fine on a lipo charger.

what happens when you plug the mod into a wall wart? i can see that USB current is being drawn from the computer, it has to be going somewhere. if you leave it sit for a few hours on wall wart the pack voltage will not go past 3.86v? does the mod get very warm or hot during the charge cycle? are you positive you have a solid main +/- battery connection to the board? if you have a DMM you can see if the pack voltage rises when you plug a 1a USB wall wart into mod. with a 1 amp charger, the pack voltage should rise a tiny bit as soon as you plug the USB in. last course of action is to contact the vendor you purchased the mod from or contact Evolv directly, through a help ticket.


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