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HCIGAR VT75 Wattage Issue


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Hi Guys,

Got my Hcigar VT75 last week. But I do not satisfy the way it vapes. I have a .23ohm build.
I set the wattage in 65 watts, but its going down to 37 watts while puffing.
My battery (LG LG 18650 HG2) is fully charge.

I cannot get enough clouds. Its so annoying. It's a expensive device but im very dissapointed.
The mod is too hot after 8~10 puffs.

If anyone uses VT75, please guide me on how it performs well.
Please help!

Best Regards.

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Thank you I'll done cleaning it. And the result is the same.
When I remove the battery, its almost blistering.
Maybe it's the battery is the problem. How do I check the battery if it is legit or not?
Can you suggest me a couple of battery brands?

Best Regards.

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