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Hi everybody. I have a very urgently matter to ask and discuss in here: Yesterday I was played in Watt using a Caterpillar Track wire (dual coil, 3mm diameter, 0.2 ohm) in my Triade Dna200. When I vaped in 60 watt the flavour nor the vapor is reach my satisfaction, so I raise it to 75-80 watt until I finally satisfied with it. But here comes the trouble... My Triade DNA200 is slightly getting warm after 10 puffs....and finally getting quite hot in my palms. What is the matter in here?? Really appreciate any help or advices frok everyone here. Thanks you.

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hi si_yadi. what kind of batteries are you using? if the batteries have a low current rating they will become warm or hot when pushed past their maximum Continous Discharge Rating. post a screenshot of Device monitor while firing the Triade. in device monitor, make sure "board temp" and "cell 1-3" boxes are checked.

to add, if the RDA sits right on top of the mod the heat from the RDA will transfer into the mod. this can fool you into thinking the mod is getting hot when in reality it's the RDA. they do make heat sink adapters to go between the RDA and mod that you can buy.


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