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Vicious Ant Primo DNA75 performing random power resets on firing.


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So I was only just saying earlier today how much I love my VA Primo but tonight - after having had it for about 2 weeks - it has suddenly started randomly doing a power reset when I press the fire button.

I've tried different batteries and different toppers but it will even, I've just discovered, do it with no atomiser attached.

I know that some of the early DNA75 boards had some issues with measuring resistance and such but my Google-Fu cannot find anything relating to this particular problem....

Does anyone have any knowledge or experience with regard to this issue?

Pic for attention: :P


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So by saying "randomly doing a power reset" do you mean the device resets and the Evolv DNA75 startup screen comes on again like the board is loosing all power from the battery? Possible loose connections, poor grounding, issue with the wiring.  Best guess from the limited info you say.  A short video showing what you are seeing may be helpful.

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Yes. Exactly what you are describing. It just reboots. Comes up with the logo and, if I still have the fire button pressed down, starts firing.

It can do it 3 or 4 times in a row and then be fine for several hours. Or only once.

Will attempt to get a vid of it doing it.

I think what you are suggesting may be correct as I was just playing with it and got a very brief flash of a message saying "Shorted" - with no atomiser attached.

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This behaviour is observed from the DNA board when you remove the battery.. I would first assume a not proper 18650 connection, however if we combine with the "Shorted" error you got it definitely sounds like faulty wiring.

You can contact the company for warranty.

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