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Lostvape - Therion 133 - Escribe help!


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Hey guys,
Tamer here from Egypt!

This is my first DNA mod, the Therion 133, I need serious help with the eScribe settings, if any one can help, that would be amazing.

Here are the things I know:
- AWT Red - 3000mah, 3.7v, 40a.
- I usually vape on a max wattage of 30w on Kanthal's, Claptopns and Aliens.
- I never go below 0.3ohms in my builds.
- I only vape on Wattage Power, I don't use TC or any other settings.

I would really love for my batteries to give me an entire day vape, if possible, I don't know if am asking for alot, but I just want the batteries to stay longer than my other regulated mods.

Also, I noticed that the Therion 133 has a LED indicator, but that doesn't work, I think they just used the same body of the Therion 75 and forgot to remove that LED indicator, I might be wrong and missing something, perhaps other owners could confirm?

Thank you guys, for helping a new DNA user!

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Welcome Tamer, the board is quite efficient but watts is watts.
The LED is not there like on the 75.
If your concerned with EScribe settings for your batteries... well that will only make your battery gauge more accurate.
The cell soft cutoff though can be lowered from 3.09 volts to 2.8 volts.....that will give you a bit more.

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