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Triade hitting 129F while charging


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I was wondering what the safe board temp is. My Triade hits 129F while charging with a 5V/2A charger (its a DNA 250). Since this thing is such a tight fit with my batteries, I just charge them in the mod rather than have to rewrap the batteries literally every time I charge them (Samsung 25Rs - apparently this mod is made specifically for LG HG2s, right down to the battery door not sitting flush with the 25Rs and the very tight fit) but I don't want to chance the board frying from getting too hot. I'm assuming that 129 is the safety threshold and that the board can handle higher temps than that but I wanted to make sure. My room isn't exactly warm (about 65F right now) so I don't know why the board temp goes so high. I'm not using a mod wrap or anything...

And yes, I know the optimum choice is to go get HG2s but I'm tapped out at the moment and can't really just run and buy 6 new batteries, especially when my 25Rs work perfectly fine.

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the 250 creates more heat while charging than the DNA 200. i usually see around 115-120F while charging at the full 2 amps. there are temp safety limits built into the DNA 250 that will protect the board, batts, and more importantly you, i wouldn't worry too much about it. from what i've been seeing/hearing, the 250 runs around the 110-125F while charging (at 2 amps).

as for batteries not fitting properly in the sled, maybe there is something on the door you could shave down for better fit. dunno.

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