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Can I use my hcigar vt133 dna200 chip on my dead lost vape triade dna200?


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I have a Lost Vape Triade with a dead chip. I love this box, so I was wondering if I could take apart my hotcig vt133 and use the chip on my Triade instead.

Is it possible? What does it need to be changed regarding wiring, and box firmware? I have a friend with another Triade from which I can backup any data needed.

Thanks in advance.

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hi madzz. it would be possible to switch out boards but before doing that, why not contact Evolv and ask if you can send in your dead triade dna board? they might be able to send you a replacement board. if you're willing to desolder the board from your triade, might as well have 2 working mods than just one and the other in pieces.

you can open a help ticket below


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