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Efusion DNA 200 Quit working....


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restart your computer. only open escribe. use a new/different usb cable than the one you have been using to connect to escribe (make sure it has charge and DATA capabilities). how i direct you to escribe's diagnostics features depends on the version of the program you are using. but basically when you connect to escribe, at the top left hand corner of the window, you'll see "TOOLS". under tools there is an option for diagnostics >reboot device>hard reboot. this is how escribe 1.2 SP3 is navigated to those features.

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the only thing i can think what happened is the usb cable you were using shorted out somewhere ( i would ditch that usb cable) shorting something out on the board. i had the warranty service message appear while my VS DNA 200 was charging. turns out the usb cable was damaged and internally shorting out. i caught it in time though and no damage was done to the mod. i would contact the vendor you bought the mod from and start the RMA process rolling.

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