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Screen characters overlapping


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Try this again! Hopefully this one makes it to the dna 75 forum and not the 200! Anyways I'll make it short as possible with pics. The mod is a hcigar vt75 about 3 weeks old. I own something like 13 mods all hana modz except this one, using the dna board since the dna 20 days so I'm no stranger to it but new to escribe so for now I kept everything basic as far as changing settings and such. Changed screen settings, brightness, screen orientation, name of the profiles, preheat and preheat time settings, downloaded evolvs latest service pak "firmware update" and so on. For some reason if I use the full 5 allowed characters for the main screens profile name in any of the 3 giving fields I get the far left character over or underlapping the battery icon. So If say I use the full 5 but one of the characters is a "I" it won't experience this problem, since the letter is more straight up and down and doesn't use up so much horizontal space. Any other characters it's like there's not enough room and there getting scrunched together and being forced to overlap the battery icon even though I'm only using the 5 that are allowed. Think a picture here will better explain the situation, and thanks for any feedback on this issue people! Have a great holiday DNA family!!! Edit: the bottom field. Profile name "MPKLR" if i use "IMPKL" or anything with and I or maybe an L I don't get the issue....



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