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Lost Vape Therion DNA 75 - Temp Control Issues with Stainless Steel


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Maybe someone can help me.  Here is my current setup:

- Lost Vape Therion DNA 75
- Uwell D1 tank with 0.5 ohm SS316 coil.

Primed the coil, let it soak in the tank for a few minutes, and then vaped at 40W and 460 Deg F, with the SS316 profile selected.  Worked great, great clouds and flavor.  After a few minutes of vaping, vapor production went way down.  It reaches the temperature protection screen right away.  Have to bump the temperature up to 530 degrees F to get decent clouds, while flavor is just ok.  If I disable temp control, by setting the temp to 0, I'm back to getting good clouds and flavor at 35 watts, but a bit too warm for my taste and uses too much juice.

Another thing I noticed is that when the temperature is limited, it reads a fairly consistent resistance of 0.52 ohms.  If I disable the temp control as described above, it reads 0.61 ohms.

Is something malfunctioning here?  I would like to use temperature control to save juice and battery, but the experience is inconsistent.  Also, the different ohm readings worry me a bit.  Any advice?

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what you're experiencing is called "refinement". this is normal operation. you have 2 choices - 1) you can turn up your set temp (560F+) to get it where it was vaping before refinement took place. don't be afraid to turn up your set temp, it's all about what gives you a good vape. i found i like most of my SS builds around 570F - 580F 2) or you can lock your resistance as soon as you put your tank on the mod. this will stop refinement from refining your resistance, keeping it vaping they way you like it at 460F. some say "don't lock your resistance" but it comes down to what you care about, consistency or accuracy.

the reason the ohms rise while in regular wattage mode is because SS rises in resistance as it's heated. this is how TC is done with today's mods. this is normal to see in wattage mode. the resistance should not rise while pressing the fire button in TC mode.

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think about it this way.....in wattage mode, you turned the wattage up till you got a satisfying vape, right? same goes for TC. slowly up the temp/wattage until you find your sweet spot. "temperature protected" is a message letting you know you have reached your set temp. it's not an error or anything to be worried about. you'll know if your set temp is too high when the tank starts to run dry, either you'll get very weak hits or nasty burnt cotton, indicating too high of a set temp. it's a bit of a learning curve when it comes to TC but it's great when you got it down pat, it's all i use. i rarely use wattage mode.

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