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Lavabox M DNA75 18650 Battery Concern

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Yesterday I purchased my first DNA mod, a Lavabox M DNA75. I purchased 2 genuine Samsung 25r (green) batteries to use in this mod. I noticed that the battery fit very tightly in the battery compartment. This device has a solid positive terminal, and a spring negative terminal. After removing the battery I noticed that there is a slight indentation on the bottom negative terminal of the battery. I'll attach a photo. I'm guessing this isn't normal and I've contacted Volcano and am awaiting response. Is this battery still safe to use? 

I researched battery sizes, and the 25r (green) has a height of 65.00 +- 0.15. 

Other battery options:
Efest 18650 3000maH Flat top height is 65.02mm
LG HG2 3000maH 20A Flat top height is 65.00 +- 0.2mm


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