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Dna75 usb drivers


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Thanks. I uninstalled version 2.41 that i had wich is the official version on evolv site for dna75 and installed  Fversion 1.2 SP3 ( i can't remenber where i got it) and it all went well. In the main screen it asks for wich version of DNA we are going to and it recognized my Therion 75, made the update FW and it seems ok. Do you know wich version is this V1.2 SP3?
Thank again.

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I have STILL the same problem... all drivers are selected etc... but yet cant recognize the device... I reinstalled the software 3,4,5 times and changed the cable which are perfectly fine yet cant solve the issues. WIth the Reluex its working JUST perfectly fine but the therion dna75 No :( HELP 

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