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Problem with my Therion DNA75


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I have my Therion set up for TC hitting 75 watts for 2 seconds then down to 35 watts and the temp set at 500 degrees. When I change batteries and take my first hit it feels like it is pegged at 75 watts and 600 degrees although the screen still shows 35 watts and 500 degrees. If I change the profile to anything else and then back to the original profile it vapes perfectly. The same thing happens if the mod has sat for an hour or so unused, I get a terribly hot vape with a burnt taste.

What do you think it might be?
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even though i posted this over at ECF i'll post it here to just in case.....with some added thoughts

sounds like the base resistance is changing when you change the batteries. atty is still warm when you change the batteries so the board reads an incorrect base resistance when the new batts are installed, resulting in a burnt hit/wick. the DNA 75 will not remember the resistance is the battery is taken out. you can lock in a resistance using a profile or plug in a USB charging cable while changing the batts (keeps the board on life support and awake while swapping cells). 

an experiment you can try, notice the cold resistance in EScribe's atomizer analyzer when it's vaping the way you want it, then take note of the cold res immediately after swapping cells. Same or higher, after swapping?

if there is a poor connection the DNA will do it's best to refine the resistance, over time, and give you a good vape. however, after 60 min of sitting idle, the board will go into deep sleep. when waking the device (lost vape logo appears on screen) the refined resistance isn't kept, it starts from scratch. my guess is, the root problem is a poor connection. your base resistance starts out inaccurately high - the DNA refines the res down to correct level and vapes good - remove and replace the cells or wake the device up after the hour mark and you back to an inaccurately high base res until refinement does it's thing.

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I solved the problem. It looks like I may have had a hot leg. I changed coils today and I noticed that the wick close to one end of the coil was burnt. I guess the chip may have compensated for that after I experienced the problem and switched profiles and then back again. I guess that is what was meant by refined resistance. If that is the case then the DNA chip is a darn smart chip.

Now with the new and properly installed coils, I no longer have the problem.
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