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DNA 200 Mod not charging batteries...


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I currently own 3 Lost Vape Halcyon mods. These mods use the 900mah fullymax lipo. My red mod seems to be destroying batteries.

At first there were no issues. I was vaping on it fine for a week or two. One evening i threw it on the charger and the next day the mod would not turn on. I plugged it into escribe and some of the cells had dropped to 1v or less. I assumed the battery was bad.

I took a lipo from my black mod and installed it in the red mod with the battery issue. The mod then worked fine.

I purchased 4 new lipos to have some backups. I soldered the xt30 connector and installed the battery into the black mod i took the battery out of.

The black mod works great. The red one has now killed two batteries (i consider them dead since theyre way too low in voltage, can these be brought back to life ever?). The mod had 15-20% battery life left when I plugged it in and now it shows 0%.

Any ideas?

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