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Vapecige vtbox250 shorted message


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Hello, i'm vaping from Italy, I received this mod just a couple of days ago. It has a fullymax 1300mah battery 3s 20c, after some consecutive puff it display "shorted". In escribe software, all seems to be ok, but i'm not very expert, i can send some screenshot. The curious thing is that the device start to work perfectly when attached to pc, even if not connected to escribe, and run fine also when disconnected, the "shorted" message reappear after a long time of inactivity. Tried also to update with sp5, it seems work a bit better, but i'm not pretty sure. Thanks in advance for your help, i'm desperate

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I'm in watt mode, build is 0,35. Analyzer show 0,350, with some minimum oscillation (0,351/0,349). Tried also a different atomizers with different builds, all of this work fine on my other dna devices. As I said, now my vtbox is working fine, because I connected to pc and unconnected, tomorrow, after inactivity, it will show again the shorted message after some consecutive puff. And I forget to say that if I insist to press fire, the mod will shut down, with some difficulty to turn on; in this state, if I connect to the charger and press fire, it will show "warranty service" message (tried chargers from 0,5a to 1,5a) edit: I have to add that during the night I have the mod in charge with these chargers, not sure if they can cause this problem

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Today, shorted message is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xxt8j48muxtd8hz/V_20170207_103007_LL.mp4?dl=0 Connected to escribe, and all come back to normal work, here some screen and csv: Resistance analyzer: https://www.dropbox.com/s/20ji6nvc7dyzkre/V_20170207_111051_LL.mp4?dl=0 Battery and monitor csv on attachments, plus photo on battery values.




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