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FIXED: USB Charging.. working, not indicating, cannot be disabled

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FIXED: Unticked the box under 'Mod' which is 'This device uses an external charger':

Odd..... I have just noticed since last update that the DNA75 is playing up during USB charge. DNA 75 with Escribe firmware from 2016-06-05 (latest update AFAIK)

1/ Plugged into the computer: the battery bar indicates the device is charging though the LED/colour doesn't change to charging colour (red)

2/ Plugged into the computer: click 'Disable USB Charging' via device monitor, and the battery bar still indicates that the device is charging (LED remains normal colour at all times)

3/ Plugged into the computer: click 'Enable USB Charging', no change whatsoever

4/ Plugged DNA75 into micro-usb cable attached to iPhone wall charge; battery bar indicates device is charging though, LED remains normal colour

EDIT: can Disable USB successfully on both my DNA200s..

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ChunkyButt200 said:

try re-installing the firmware. the device should show the lightening bolt when charging is enabled and no lightening bolt when disabled. as for the LED, those settings might of gotten changed somehow. when did you update the device? as this firmware has been released for quite awhile.

Thanks CB

In between your and my post, I rolled back to 2016-05-02. The LED flashed red briefly, the battery bar still shows "charging" regardless of "USB Charging" disabled or enabled.

Upgraded to 2016-06-05, device monitor still shows "charging" and cannot be disabled. Confirmed LED charge colour in eScribe is RED, and it's not changing to red either

EDIT: when did I update? A while ago admittedly, I cannot recall when specifically. Was probably shortly after receiving the unit late last year.

Is there a "factory reset" or firmware reset for the DNA75? This is the SMY SDNA 75

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