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Therion DNA 75 Won't Utilize both 18650


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I've been using my Therion 75 for a few months now with no issues.  This past week the battery indicator started flashing with over 20 percent charge displayed which I hadn't noticed it ever doing that in the past.  I also thought it was odd as the fresh batteries where not in the mod all that long and should have not been that low.  I've come to realize the outer battery is not discharging.  I've tried several different sets and all have done the same thing.  The inner battery runs down and the outer stays at 4.17v.  Any thoughts on trouble shooting?

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this is documented problem with some of the therion 75's. it's most likely a broken connection. one of the links inside either contact compartment that electrically join both cells. you can either take it apart and fix it yourself or contact lost vape's repair center. that link is in my signature. there is a video, so so quality, that details fixing this problem....


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