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Therion 133 DNA200 empty battery bar display

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Hi guys, im having a problem with battery display in my Therion 133 DNA200,

i already reset to default, reset all the statistic and so on but it still show my battery is empty. Tried to change the wH and do all the things that i found in this general discussion like change the wh to 24.42, its work but not long, after 1 minute, it will leave my battery display back to empty.

I also try to ask my friend that using therion, they said i need to change the battery type from power supply to lithium polymer but i cant fire and show check battery at my display panel. help me guys. thanks

im sorry for my broken english but i try my best to make sure u guys can understand what im try to discuss here. below i attach my ecig file, please help me. thankyou guys

Therion 133 dna200.ecig

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