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Battery continually discharging???

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Hey all,
Not sure if anyone's come across this problem before, but i have a dna 200 which the battery swelled up and stopped working, so replaced the battery for the exact same brand/battery but now for some reason the battery wont hold its charge (will go from 100% to 0 in about a day or so with out being used)
any help would be most appreciated :)
Many thanks

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Cheers for replying, I brought it from a British mod maker called Reaper mods,hope this is what you mean by build program/date, and thanks again

Evolv DNA 200
Device Information
Production History
Thursday, March 10, 2016, 2:20 PM
[bodylogo]Board programmed
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i would contact the mod maker. explain to him what you're experiencing with the board draining your cell while idle. if they have good CS, they should take care of it. but if not, judging from the fact that you're able to use a DMM competently, you're most likely handy with a soldering iron and will be able to remove the board for RMA. evolv warranties all boards for 1 year.

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