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DNA 250 Warranty Service when Atomizer connected


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Hi folks.

My Triade 250 stopped working lately, as soon as the 510 makes a connection.
When there's no atty connected, it works as expected (menu works, "check atomizer" message on fire, Escribe connects etc.) , but in the moment theres a 510 connection (atty screwn in, shorted with screwdriver), the device shuts itself off and doesn't turn back on normally. Escribe won't work either then.

Long pressing the fire button in this state gives a "Warranty Service" message.

I have already cleaned everything, resetted to factory settings and reflashed the latest firmware, but the problem still persists. 

Any thoughts on this, that can point me in the right direction? Is it something with the board, blown fuse etc. ?

I'm already in contact with the seller to get it replaced, but if it's something that could be fixed by myself I'll happily do. So grateful for any input on this.

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