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Custom DNA 250 MaxAmps 3S 1850 Imbalance


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Im running a DNA 250 with MA 3S 1850 built by myself and was really proud of it until about the 5th or 6th charge. On that 5th 6th or maybe 7th charge (I really dont remember what charge I was on) I had plugged my mod up on my Samsung lightning charger adapter with the same cord used on all my prior charges. I came back a couple hours later after watching a movie with my wife to use the mod and upon unplugging it, attaching my tank, and trying to take a draw got the "Battery Imbalanced" error.

My first 3 charges were done on the computer and monitored via Escribe. After those it was charged on the lightning charger and then verified cell balance in Escribe. The mod performed great and after the 4th charge i was confident of its performance and the battery life was AWESOME.

Anywho on its last charge as I said i got the "Imbalanced Battery" error. Immediately I connected it to Escribe to find Cell 1 @ 3.16, Cell 2 @ 5.20, and Cell 3 @ 4.20.

Tonight is the first time I've been able to sit and mess with it and currently have it on a USB recovery charge and im SLOWLY seeing it rebalance or so i hope...

I guess Im looking for advice as I would really like to use this mod again and hopefully avoid disassembling the mod and unsoldering the battery to get a replacement. That is if my battery is even still covered by MaxAmps lifetime warranty.

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do you have any way of checking the each cell in the pack to verify the voltages the DNA is reading? this honestly the first time i have seen an evolv board charge a cell past the 4.20v cutoff. i would double check each cell voltage in the pack. if they match up to EScribe's readings, you may have to RMA the board to evolv.

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