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DNA 133 Help

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I wired up 2 dna200 boards in two cell configuration. Changed them both to two cells in escribe. But they will only power on as long as I'm holding the power button.. I checked the voltage of the battery sled and it's at 8.4v at the board. The tap is 4.2v at the board. I've double and quadruple checked for shorts or anything out of the ordinary and nothing. I've asked for help all over Reddit and acetone is suggesting to just buy a new board.. But I have two already. One brand new and one from a Realoux.. That's spelled wrong. Any help would be great.. I just want my build to work properly.. Thank you!

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Well the first thing to check is what the cell voltages  show in EScribe/ Device Monitor, also make sure it's set to 2 cells and not 3.............to start with.
Maybe post a screen on Device Monitor.
The tap should be reading pack voltage between 3 and ground.

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Voltage of cell 2 (5.24v) in 2nd picture indicates that the battery management chip on the board has gone bad.
This is providing that the tap is configured as in the diagram posted above.
Voltages measured off the JST plug would be:
Cell #1's voltage between ground and pin 1
Cell #2's voltage between pin #1 and pin(s) 3 or 2
Voltage between pins 3/2 and ground should be the sum of both cells

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