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Change hard cell cutoff?

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I think I already know the answer to this one, but is there any way of changing the hard cell cutoff?

18650's are safe down to a resting voltage of 2.5 volts so they can go a lot lower than the 2.9 volts under load that the 250 cuts off at. 

We can get a lot more capacity out of our batteries, safely, if Evolv would just let us adjust the hard cell cutoff. 

I only have 2323 mah of usable capacity from my new 30Q's when I could easily get 2800 mah capacity, safely.

My Aspire Archon batteries have a resting voltage of 3 volts when it cuts out for low battery so the cutoff must be 2.6-2.7 volts and I used that for 5 months with no detrimental effect to my batteries.  The VTC6's I used in the Archon used to take 2850-2900 mah for a full charge from the low battery warning when they were new.

Skip to 47:30 in this video from Mooch describing voltage under load and resting voltage levels vs safety/battery longevity:


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