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  1. Thank you my dear friend Wayne, Very useful information from you. I will record everything, but still, the display is not correct. I'll send it to the service. Thanks again. 🙂
  2. The mod was purchased in March this year in Croatia. I contacted the seller on the messenger. He accepted the complaint. Tomorrow I'm sending a moder from Visionary. I am from Serbia. 🙂
  3. well no, I watched in the bright light. Nothing is noticed, there are no cracks. everything was working normally, only, at one point when I looked below, at the screen, I noticed it wasn't working. and, I'm just sad.
  4. Unfortunately, even after countless attempts, it won't, there are no lights on the screen.
  5. NYMFA DNA60 BY VISIONARY MODS, no usb port. How can I adjust the brightness of the screen? Today, during normal use, the screen is completely darkened. The mode works, but there is no light on the screen. Is there any help? video-1630780460.mp4
  6. I had the same or a similar problem when I got my hyperion DNA 100C. The first thing I noticed was that I didn't hear the "bling" sound that is heard when a device is connected to a computer via a USB cable. I kept going. I installed EScribe and had the same problem "I don't have a compatible device connected". I installed SP 27. I still had the same problem. He doesn't recognize. I had a few USB cables from different mods in the house. Eureka. I heard a "bling" sound. and the program recognized my DNA 100C. Everything else is history. Thanks for reading.
  7. I will try to help with the requests. My settings for Molicel P42 are as follows: Cell Soft Cutoff: 2.9V Max Peak Input Current: 28A (1 s) Max Sustained Input Current: 18A Max USB Charge Rate: 1.5A Attachment, my Molicel P42A Profile. Thanks Molicel-P42-40-Watt-13.909Wh.csv
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