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  1. the cap is off and nothing is touching lol. Check atomizer only occurs with replay when 'save puff' is selected.
  2. But the check atomizer warning would be apparent in any setting regardless though, should that have been the case. That should be a safety feature across the board. I did have some check atomizer warnings in the past when replacing the cap which of course was addressed with the build put on earlier today as seen in the photo I uploaded. I'll be loosening the 510 now as I've never had to adjust it in the past so its one more form of troubleshooting I'll try out. Using the default Evolv theme in all tests you've requested thus far. If I can get it working from there, I'll then move on to putting my theme back in. My only other alternative build would be just plain SS316 wire in dual build just to see if there's anything with the wire itself. Its a pre-made spool that I just snip and coil up.
  3. Passed with flying colours as in, it operates as intended without any warning/error messages even going past 56w. don't want to push it further than that else I'll have to re-wick that and billet boxes do take time to put back together.
  4. Yup! Boro build passed with flying colours on both TC SS316 and Replay (SS316 setting). Edit: now my Billet gives me a check atomizer error
  5. I slapped on my boro tank (0.62Ω @ 30w) on the Thelema and functions across SS316 (TC), Replay TC (SS316) & Replay (Watts). Though this is in line with my earlier finding, that SS316 seems to function as intended if the power is set below 40w
  6. It is indeed. I use the same wire in my DNA60 Billetbox (single coil much smaller build) but no issues on TC. my initial download didn't make SP45 available to me when I tried to update service packs. I just included the version to list down as much detail and cover all the bases. no the wire is SS316. I indicated that I can vape using the TC profiles meant for Titanium & Nickel alongside Wattage/Kanthal Mode. Issues arise when I either head into Replay or SS316 profiles.
  7. That was during build phase where hotspots will always happen. Picture is just there to show you the size of the coils. Very complicated but guess only wattage mode is available if I can't even use replay hah.
  8. Size of the wire is specified in the original post but I'll upload a photo just for scale as well. They are 3mm diameter coils I tried spaced coils and downloaded other curves from www.germandnacrew.de and still faced the same issue sadly. I think I will move on to Nickel or just stick to Kanthal vaping.
  9. So I tried the factory default setting, interestingly enough when vaping in SS316 profile, it will not display the temperature protect message if the wattage is set below 40w (which is not enough to heat 0.3 ohm coils). This happens regardless of what temperature is set from 400 to 480f. With Replay, same situation regardless if atomizer is tightly screwed or a little loose.
  10. I have my own theme but I have also tried the default Evolv theme as well. I was also able to get my hands on Version 2.0 SP27 of Escribe which allowed me to get SP45 (initially SP38 when I got the error). Additionally, I've also swapped Replay between Wattage and SS316 profile with the same 'check atomizer' outcome.
  11. Hey folks, I'm trying to troubleshoot a rather strange situation I'm getting within Replay mode and the default SS316 profile installed on my Lost Vape Thelema 250c. When running firing in Titanium or Wattage mode, the mod fires as normal with a pleasant vape. The same can also be said within the Replay profile itself. Mod: Lost Vape Thelema 250c Service Pack: 1.1 SP45 INT Atomizer: Vandy Vape Pyro V2 Ohms: 0.33Ω Coil Material: SS316 Clapton (24ga + 32ga) Build: Dual coil (also tried a spaced build as well) However, hitting the 'save puff' button, is where the fun really begins. I am prompted with a check atomizer warning at the top of my screen while the bright green 'Playing' text is displayed on my screen. When I cancel out of saving the puff, the vape returns to normal. Can't seem to recall if I had this issue on replay with kanthal builds and sadly don't have any wire laying around to test it again. I figure okay, its a weird hiccup, so I move on to the SS316 profile and start fiddling around with my settings as shared below. Power: 75w Temp: 232c Preheat: 90w Punch: 5 Now I'm prompted with a temperature protected error despite being able to move back to Wattage or Replay mode and being able to fire the vape as normal. I decide to migrate my settings over to the other profiles such as Nickel and Titanium both of which are set for temperature control by default. Oddly enough these settings function as normal in both instances. From here, I figure okay there might be something really wrong with my build so I start doing some checks in the Atomizer Analyzer. Though I do see changes in the ohm reading after a 180 degrees rotation, I'd argue the change in ohm reading is negligible at best. Am I doing something wrong here, or are there any settings I can fiddle around with to get the most of out my 250c, given Replay is pretty much the selling point of this chip?
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